Yoga - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the heated room?

    Yoga was meant to be done in a heated environment. The "womb" temperature of our yoga room allows for deep, safe working of every ligament, tendon, muscle, and tissue in the body. Because of the heat, this style of yoga is known as the most therapeutic and effective form of hatha yoga and people report experiencing 10 times the results in a fraction of the time. The heated room pumps up the immune system and strengthens glandular function. Heat and stretch are the best way to release fat cells into the system so they can be burned as fuel, and sweating facilitates the cleansing of all organs. It is important to understand that the system of postures was designed with physiologic intelligence. It is not like running, walking, or even sitting in a heated environment. The heart rate and blood pressure rise and fall in a controlled manner throughout a session, and the body's natural cooling mechanisms are strengthened. Once people begin to experience the benefits of this yoga, everyone agrees that the heat works! The effectiveness of this ancient form of hatha yoga, and the warm and welcoming environment in which it is done, has to be experienced to be truly understood.
  • What do I wear?

    Contrary to popular belief, baggy clothing is not recommended. Most students wear exercise clothing that clings to the body. T-shirts are all right it they fit snugly.
  • I'm just a beginner. Can I do this?

    Anyone of any age and physical condition can do this yoga. All student work at their personal "edge" and beginners work right alongside more experienced students. The aim of this system is not to twist the body into bizarre pretzel shapes, but to strengthen the body's natural range of motion, to restore flow throughout all bodily systems. The students at our studio range from people with chronic illnesses and injuries to some of Kansas City's top professional athletes--and everyone in between! Our students range in age from 16 - 79 years old. And yes, plenty of men do this practice!
  • Will I get a good workout?

    Our yoga is a complete cardiovascular, aerobic, strength, flexibility and fat-burning workout. Hot hatha yoga is the form of choice for more professional athletes, celebrities, models and medical professionals than any other style of yoga.
  • Can yoga help me lose weight?

    Yes! By releasing bound fat cells and working the endocrine glands to "fire up" metabolism, yoga is an excellent weight loss program.
  • But I'm not flexible!

    This is exactly why you should do yoga. Inflexibility can lead to bound areas of the body that won't get sufficient blood flow. The heated environment ensures a safe stretch as you release and loosen over time.