Meet the Yoga Fix Studio Instructors

Each of our teachers brings something unique to the studio. While yoga is a practice of discipline, a series of postures and breathing exercises each teacher infuses their class with their own experience and style. Our staff is comprised of talented instructors, constantly striving to increase their depth of yoga knowledge to provide you the best possible classes.

  • Julia Bricker


    Julia completed hot-style training in 2007 with Yoga Fix Studio. Julia loves a good workout and when she’s not in the classroom leading students, she can be found in Hot Yoga or Ashtanga taking class. Julia believes, “Everyone should make yoga a priority. Make it part of your weekly routine and you won’t regret it!”

    Julia has always been into fitness and when she discovered Bikram-style yoga she was hooked. “I find it is the most effective way to achieve the mind and body cathartic experience. It helps me breath; especially when I feel overwhelmed, it helps me relax so I can take a deep breath. And I feel more toned and stronger. I love doing yoga because it brings balance into my life.”

    Take Julia’s class and you will feel her dedication to the practice of yoga and its stress-relieving benefits. You will be challenged to go deep in this hot yoga practice while relaxing to the calming music in the background.

  • Shagane Sigler


    Shagane has been teaching at Yoga Fix Studio for over ten years. Shagane is a teacher at heart teaching foreign language to high school students in the Shawnee Mission District. It is this teacher’s mind that she brings to the classroom. She will instruct you and encourage you to go deeper than you thought you could. While she is a challenging teacher you are also bound to get a few chuckles in class. It will also be apparent that Shagane cares about her students and enjoys teaching. She might give you a “hard time,” but it will be good natured and you’ll find yourself working a little harder.

    If Shagane isn’t teaching school or class you will most likely find her in the yoga room taking class. She will always ask when you last took class encouraging you to get to take more classes and she can back this up with her own dedication to taking classes. She also continues to gather knowledge taking from visiting instructors who come to town.

  • Aaron Stonecipher


    Aaron comes to Hot Yoga with a background as a Certified Body Somatic Practitioner and Licensed massage therapist from the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing with over 10 years in private practice. He has been an instructor at Yoga Fix for over ten years.

    Aaron says, “I do yoga to feel better! Yoga has changed my life by inspiring me, keeping me healthy & positive. Yoga always makes me feel good and like I can accomplish anything. There’s nothing like getting up and doing an early morning class – they are the best!”

  • Megan Hettich


    Megan has been practicing yoga since 2010, exploring many different styles including; Hot, Vinyasa, Acro, Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar, Yin/Restorative, and Meditation. Her love of yoga, lead her to attend various workshops to deepen her practice and knowledge of yoga covering topics such as, Alignment, Thai Massage, Philosophy, and more.

    As a software trainer in video production, Megan knew she loved teaching people and she wanted to combine her two passions, teaching & yoga. In May 2015, she completed her hot-style training at Yoga Fix Studio. In February 2016, she completed her 200 hour yoga training at Maui Yoga Shala, RYS, in Paia, Hawaii.

    Megan says, "Yoga has helped shape me into my truer self, allowing negative storylines and habits to slowly fade away. Every day brings a new challenge and lesson on how to practice the 8 limbs of yoga. It's something that will be a lifelong, ever-evolving journey. I'm beyond grateful that I'm able to share this practice with others. I love seeing the energy of unique, different people coming together to breathe, to move, to connect and to be present."

  • Ashley Hertz


    Ashley grew up in the suburbs of St. Louis, before coming to Kansas City, to attend college at UMKC where she earned a B.A. in Psychology. In school she discovered yoga. Ashley was instantly drawn to the physical practice, later discovering the mental and emotional benefits of yoga as well. With a clear mind and newly found sense of inner peace, she fell in love with the holistic practice of yoga, leading her to start exploring different studios in the Kansas City area, as well as developing a home practice.

    Ashley continued her practiced at various studios in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Cape Town, South Africa, where she spent six months abroad. After nearly four years of dedicated practice, she decided to take the next step and become a teacher herself. Ashley completed the 200-hour Balance Yoga Certification with Darryl Olive and Mary Duryea at KC Fitness Link in September 2015. In January 2016, she completed her hot-style training at Yoga Fix Studio. She is also registered with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200.

    Ashley says she “is a firm believer that shoes are optional, places are meant to be explored, outfits don’t always have to match, and most importantly: we create our own happiness!”

  • Stephanie Willis

    Stephanie Willis

    Stephanie believes yoga should be accessible to everyone. Her own path to yoga began as a teenager experiencing the many benefits of meditation. After nearly a decade of independent study and mentoring, Stephanie decided to get her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2012. She continues to be an avid learner taking sequencing intensives, workshops and yoga clinics. Stephanie has also earned her Bachelor’s in Health Sciences from UMKC.

    Stephanie strives to bring an individual experience to each student so that they leave class feeling a sense of balance and mental focus while strengthening and relaxing the body. As Stephanie puts it; “I do my best to provide each person the guidance and space they need to develop their personal approach to yoga. My intention is to maintain a space where students feel comfortable advancing their asana practice as they cultivate emotional growth, intellectual refinement, physical unfolding, and spiritual awakening. I encourage and welcome new practitioners to discover yoga and begin a disciplined practice that is certain to enhance virtually every aspect of life.”

  • Desiré Hendricks


    Desiré yoga background is diverse. She has trained in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini. She has also completed studies in Blending of Yoga, Vendata, and Tantra taught by Swami Jnaneshvara of the Abhyasha Ashram and studied the Philosophy of Yoga at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Desiré is currently working to complete her certification at the Kansas City Yoga Teacher Training program which brings together the expertise of three local yoga teachers and studio owners as well as visiting experts on anatomy, philosophy, and instruction.

    Desiré is an intuitive, thoughtful instructor who believes you should, "be able to engage yoga students of multiple levels, providing mindful and physically integrated classes in a supportive and instructive manner while still accommodating the varied levels of class participants."